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Nicole is a Registered Psychologist who offers the following services to people of all ages.

​*Medicare rebates apply for clients with a mental health care plan. For more information please go to the Care Plan page.

Stone Tower
Individual Therapy

Individual Therapy

Individual consults are located in Padbury and are suitable for adults. All consults are 55 minutes in duration. This service is best suited for people who are open to medium and long term therapy. Individual therapy can assist people to:​

  • Understand the origin of emotions, and beliefs about ourselves and others.

  • Recognise how events throughout our lifespan shaped our personality and relationships now.

  • Become overall more self-aware

  • Learn to manage intense emotions and unhelpful thoughts

  • Recognise and change unhelpful behavioural patterns

  • Learn and implement effective communication skills

  • Build healthy and positive relationships

  • Be more assertive or less anxious by boundaries.

  • Develop short, medium and long term personal goals 

  • Improve overall quality of life

  • Learn and implement self-care.​

Zoom and Telephone

Some people want clarification around whether a particular diagnosis is present or not. I offer assessment and diagnosis for a range of Disorders. This generally takes 3 - 4 sessions. 


I will use tests and questionnaires, observations and an informal Interview to determine diagnosis.  I endeavour to make this process as safe and supportive as possible. An opportunity to discuss concerns or nerves will be a start point. 

A treatment plan and ongoing therapy is optional depending on your diagnosis and my availability. 

Please note, I can screen for ADHD and provide indication about whether or not ADHD needs further exploration. I cannot formally diagnose ADHD as this diagnosis requires psychiatrist assessment. I do not provide screening or assessment for Autism Spectrum Disorder. 

If you would like an assessment please state this in your initial email.

Assessment and Diagnosis 

Eye-Movement Desensitisation Reprocessing (EMDR)

I am trained and qualified to perform EMDR, which is currently one of the leading evidence-based treatments for adverse life events, PTSD, C-PTSD, childhood trauma, negative or stuck beliefs, OCD, Anxiety, Phobias and many other conditions. 

For standard EMDR please allow a minimum of 10 sessions. This includes assessment, identifying targets/goals, Increasing your resources, Performing Eye movements, Installation and enough time to de-brief and close EMDR smoothly.

Please email me specifically stating that you are interested in EMDR. 

Brief Solution Focussed Therapy (BSFT)
Approximately 6 sessions

This service is best suited to people who respond better to being guided by a therapist in a goal directed way.

It is a solution focused approach and less focussed on problems or the source of struggles. The objective is to come away feeling more hopeful and confident, with some practical tools and strategies. 

Please state specifically that you require BSFT. Please note that not all situations are suitable for BSFT, this will be assessed prior to your first session.

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