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Jen Vellios

Jen is a registered psychologist and sexologist who has experience working with a number of mental health and well-being issues. She is an advocate of trauma-informed practice and has a strong interest in the use of mindfulness and compassion-based therapies.Taking a person-centered approach to therapy, Jen utilises a range of evidence-based modalities.

She deeply values providing a non-judgmental, compassionate environment where individuals can explore their inner worlds and experiences freely. Through this process, Jen helps her clients cultivate an authentic life that aligns with their values.


 Jen is passionate in empowering individuals to explore their personal sexual narratives, fostering deeper intimacy and satisfaction within their relationships, and nurturing a stronger connection with themselves. She is dedicated to dismantling the barriers of shame, stigma, and guilt that frequently accompany the experience of sexual issues.


Areas of interest:



General well-being

Relationship difficulties

Sexual difficulties including difficulties with desire, arousal, and orgasm.


Sexual trauma

Abortion counselling


Please contact administration via email (preferred) or telephone to book an appointment with Jen. 

048 456 04 24

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